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The Scorekeeper

I recently read a blog where the author referred to his CPA as a scorekeeper. That is,  the CPA is “reactive…dealing with last year’s numbers”. Further, “The CPA and, for most families, the attorney, are always dealing in what has happened, not what will happen in the future.” I have trouble with this because…he is right! I recently had a friend tell me that CPAs always look at history.

Certainly, there is value in an accurately prepared tax return, financial statement or audit, all of which we do, but I believe my greatest value to a client lies between April 16th and December 31st, when we can sit down and proactively plan for their future. Although it seems a logical extension of our core services, few in my profession focus on this even though I believe the CPA is one of the most aptly equipped to do so.

I’ll have to confess that I have been that guy - the CPA who always looked at history. Back when I managed a much larger firm, we simply “didn’t have time” for planning. We were too busy with our tax returns, financial statements and audits. That experience, however, created in me a passion to change. In fact, the conviction to focus on the future is one of the reasons why MCM exists today.

So, we are changing what our clients think about their CPA’s role. And when a seasoned, successful client tells you that “this is the most valuable meeting I have had in years” (true story!) you begin to think that you’re on to something.

At MCM, we look forward to your future.

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